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Arihu Duck Small Bowl by Ceramic Japan
$ 22.00

Ahiru Duck Small Bowl by Ceramic Japan

Ahiru is Japanese for duck and there is no mistaking the animal that inspired this quirky set of ceramics. The Ahiru range is hand-made in Aichi Prefecture, an area of Japan historically known for its ceramics. The vintage feel of these beautiful pieces is coupled with modern forms, all crafted from milky white ceramic with striking lemon-yellow beaks. 

This bowl is perfect for serving small snacks or ice cream. It could also be your little one's new favorite bowl!

5.75 x 4.25 x 2.5 (h) inches (270 ml)

The Ahiru Duck range consists of a teapot, a tea-cup and saucer, a creamer, a mug, a large bowl and a small bowl.