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Coco Kokeshi Doll by Sketchinc.
Coco and Anna Kokeshi Dolls by Sketchinc.
Kokeshi Dolls by Sketchinc.
$ 45.00

Coco Kokeshi Doll by Sketchinc.’s beautiful wooden dolls are hand-painted in a small studio in the south of England. These charming figurines are modern interpretations of traditional Japanese wooden Kokeshi dolls; re-envisioned as famous icons by’s founder Becky Kemp.

6 inches tall

This doll is inspired by iconic French fashion designer Coco Chanel.’s Kokeshi dolls are made from beech wood, meticulously hand-painted, then sealed with a satin varnish.‘s Instagram is wonderful!

Coco’s doll family consists of Karl, Salvador, Frida, Anna, Marilyn, Andy and Vincent.