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Drip Rainbow Vase by Brian Giniewski
Drip Rainbow Vase by Brian Giniewski
Drip Vases by Brian Giniewski
$ 52.00

Drip Rainbow Vase by Brian Giniewski

Brian Giniewski's beautiful earthenware Drip vases are hand-made in Philadelphia. The delicious glossy glazes contrast with the grainy, matte finish of each vessel's body. The wide neck vessels can act as planters and are designed to hold a small plant (we love them with succulents and cacti). The Drip planters and vases also look striking empty, especially in a group. 

The textured base of the Drip vases is achieved by applying a gritty, matte slip (a liquefied suspension of clay particles in water) to the earthenware forms.

The glossy glaze has been adapted to melt in a particular way so that the drips can be 'frozen' at a specific part of the firing process.

See style options below for specific size and shape information.