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Gradient Puzzle - Large - by Areaware
Gradient Puzzle - Large - by Areaware
$ 35.00

Gradient Puzzle - Large in Bronze and Teal - by Areaware

The beautifully shaded Gradient Puzzle was designed by Bryce Wilner for Areaware. Its colors have been arranged to suggest that there exists no precise point in an ombre 'pattern' at which one color becomes another. This playful toy doubles as an incredible piece of art, and the precise color of each piece must be used to locate its correct position. We must warn you that this puzzle is not for the faint-of-heart, it is challenging to complete! The puzzle's box looks lovely on a coffee table or shelf, while the finished piece looks great framed.

20 x 28 inches assembled

1000 pieces

Glossy art paper over 2mm chipboard