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Paper Vase - Large - by Serax
Paper Vase and jar by Serax
Paper Vases by Serax
$ 20.00

Paper Vase - Large - by Serax

The Paper Vases were designed by Marie Michielssen for Serax, inspired by 19th century silverware and metal-working. These trompe l'oeil 'vases' come flat-packed, and must be opened and placed over an ordinary household vessels (such as jars, glasses or cans) in order to take on their intended form. The paper vases are sewn together with exposed white thread to give them a hand-made and purposely imperfect look. They come in a translucent envelope that is sewn with white thread to match the aesthetic of the vases themselves.

11.25 x 12 (h) inches (flat).

This vase fits over a vase or bottle measuring approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches, and which can be up to 11 inches tall.