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Tea Set in Pastel by Raduga Grez
$ 65.00

Toy Tea Set in Pastel by Raduga Grez

The beautiful pastel tea-set is hand-made by Raduga Grez in Russia. Raduga Grez is a family-run company that makes solid wood toys with the aim of 'celebrating creativity'. We envision these captivating toys being passed from one generation to another, loved by children and adults alike. Each toy is painted using non-toxic water-based paint and the natural grain and texture of each piece of wood is purposely preserved. Raduga Grez's carpenters have been making matryoshka dolls for three generations and their process remains very traditional. The wood used to make the toys is cut from whole round logs and the toys are painted and packaged in the same small workshop.

The pastel tea set has 12 pieces including a tea-pot, two tea cups and saucers, a sugar bowl, sugar cubes and two teaspoons.

Suitable for ages 3+.