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Flow Porcelain Jug by Ferm Living
Flow Porcelain Jug by Ferm Living
Flow Porcelain Jug by Ferm Living
Flow Porcelain Jug by Ferm Living
$ 80.00

Flow Porcelain Jug by Ferm Living

The ceramic Flow jug by Ferm Living is a perfectly imperfect porcelain pitcher made using traditional craft techniques. Its butter-yellow speckled surface is detailed with a semi-matte glaze and we especially love its oversized handles. 

The Flow jug is made at a factory in Cháozhou; a city in the eastern part of Guangdong Province known as the 'Ceramic Capital of China’. The factory manufactures different items from hardened clay – anything from tableware and mugs, to sculptural vases and lamp bases. Despite the fast-changing world, the 60 employees at this factory remain loyal to the true spirit of craftsmanship at every stage of production.

The raw materials used for the Flow jug are carefully sourced and quality checked to ensure that every item is produced to the highest standard. The clay used has been vacuumed and de-aired to suck out any air pockets introduced by the clay-making process. Built to last a lifetime, the materials used are extremely durable. The ceramic-making process is slow and complex, and is handled by several different people, each an expert in their profession.


4 x 6 (with handle) x 8.7 (h) inches 

Glazed porcelain


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